conj., prep., adv., pron., n., & v.
1 a nevertheless, however (tried hard but did not succeed; I am old, but I am not weak). b on the other hand; on the contrary (I am old but you are young).
2 (prec. by can etc.; in neg. or interrog.) except, other than, otherwise than (cannot choose but do it; what could we do but run?).
3 without the result that (it never rains but it pours).
4 prefixing an interruption to the speaker's train of thought (the weather is ideal - but is that a cloud on the horizon?).
—prep. except; apart from; other than (everyone went but me; nothing but trouble).
1 only; no more than; only just (we can but try; is but a child; had but arrived; did it but once).
2 introducing emphatic repetition; definitely (wanted to see nobody, but nobody).
3 Austral. & NZ though, however (didn't like it, but).
—rel.pron. who not; that not (there is not a man but feels pity).
—n. an objection (ifs and buts).
—v.tr. (in phr. but me no buts) do not raise objections.
Phrases and idioms:
but for without the help or hindrance etc. of (but for you I'd be rich by now). but one (or two etc.) excluding one (or two etc.) from the number (next door but one; last but one). but that (prec. by neg.) that (I don't deny but that it's true). but that (or colloq. what) other than that; except that (who knows but that it is true?). but then (or yet) however, on the other hand (I won, but then the others were beginners).
Etymology: OE be-utan, butan, buta outside, without
n. Sc.
Phrases and idioms:
but and ben the outer and inner rooms of a two-roomed house (see BEN(2)).
Etymology: BUT(1) = outside

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